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Working towards a global panorama of wildlife photographs

Many years ago in a galaxy far far away.. Well - its was the UK :) But it was a long time ago !!

My colleague William Tribe and I developed Wildlife Panorama - we were a couple of amateur photographers who had a passion for wildlife, flora, fauna buildings.. photography outside - we wanted to build something very cool with lots of technology.

We built the platform as a Freemium model, syndicated it globally and ended up with thousands of followers

But real life got in the way, with business projects and it fell into disrepair

Since then we have built successful businesses in the arena of Robotics, Internet Marketing etc.

But we just can't delete it! So we freshened up the design & have it live for our users :)

Some of the cool stuff within the site:

  • Geolocate where you took the photo using Google Maps so we can track wildlife panorama globally

  • High resolution ranking of photos from 5 whole stars to 0.1 of a star rating as a minimum step

  • Ability to select your gear from a drop down list -

  • Add associates, Share experiences and learning; Great if you see someone putting up pictures and photos that you love... build new friendships with people all over the world.

  • Some awesome blogs written by photographers, for photographers!

Share your techniques

Make friends

Enjoy your passion

Talk about some of your best shoots whether you are amateur or professional.

  • Options for Merchandise; Get your favourite photos added to t-shirts or prints; also, allow your photos to be shared and generate commission from any pictures that people want to use for merchandise

Project Gallery

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