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Autonomous robotic ground and air vehicles for identifying threats

While these days robotics are no stranger to the battlefield, in 2008 the UK Ministry of Defence had started to look at the robotic potential with its "Grand Challenge" competition, which aimed to bring autonomous, information-gathering robots to urban warfare situations.

Working with Mindsheet Ltd our customer, we, as 1 of 14 teams spent time developing a robotic solution which was demonstrated in a series of trials at Copehill Down, an urban warfare training center built during the Cold War.

Our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) was built to identify potential snipers, enemy vehicles and other human threats, with a minimum of human guidance, and then report that information back to ground troops gearing up for an assault.

Utilising high-def cameras, image processing & machines learning we were able to identify multiple targets during a golden hour of threat assessment.

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