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Photo real fur cats as NFTs, a pre-cursor to the latest Metaverse platforms

Welcome To The I'm A Kitty Cat NFT Collection!

Working alongside Carrie Tatsu the "Queen of the Metaverse" who established a multi million dollar business as part of the Second Life metaverse we got involved in the Kitty Cat Project to lead the technology development with NFT utility.

Containing the most incredible and hilarious cat meme art NFTs ever to hit the metaverse. The Kitty Cat NFTs are designed to be as photorealistic as possible to resemble what we wish our cats can become when living on the Ethereum blockchain.

We believe the blockchain and crypto are as transformative now as the early days of the internet. During that time, the most commonly viewed images were cat memes. Our goal was to give a nod to hilarious cat memes and cat expressions as a tribute to those early internet days!

We are developing an Augmented Reality Mobile application to "Bring an NFT to life"

  • Each NFT has two hidden traits within the meta data. Level & Attitude.

  • The Attitude determines how the cat acts to your interactions from really grumpy to quite affectionate!

  • The level determines how quickly the cat learns and which animations are unlocked.

  • You will be able to earn tokens in game and use them to purchase items to feed, play with or train your NFT kitty which will allow it to level up

  • We also have an exclusive coin collection which contains coins from collaborations, special events & rewards. Coins can have different effects on your cats.

  • When your cat gets tired, it needs to sleep, when you interact you make your cat tired.

  • Different traits have different effects.. for example, a sleepy pose trait means the cat needs more sleep to recover energy!

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