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Amazing 'smart toy' robot kits - Build a robot & bring it to life with code

Development of an Education Business that created and sold robotic education kits worldwide. Built the revenue from zero to £624K per annum.

Designed prototypes, secured IP protection of design and branding. Established Standards testing & QA SOPs and then built a production manufacturing capability in UK. Secured three rounds of equity funding.

The initial target market was the UK 200 local authorities who would then issue the kits to 30,000 primary and secondary schools.

However, changes in government policy decentralised the schools into independent buyers. This increased the complexity of the business and the sales pipeline which I addressed by creating a web platform for sales. This in turn developed the UK retail market, followed by international sales with further volume distribution in the EU and USA.

Our role in the enterprise was to develop the technology and provide interim management until a professional management structure was realised.

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